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For Therapists

Therapy Philosophy

Through Saint Francis Healthcare System’s Rehabilitation Services, our goal is to enhance every patient’s quality of life through improved health maintenance, safer work environments, and effective injury or illness management.

Our highly trained staff provides the most advanced approaches to rehabilitation on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. We provide individualized care planning for the best treatment progression as each patient works toward achieving an optimal level of independence and improved health.

Therapist Testimonials

“I started working at Saint Francis after being a patient here. I was inspired by the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Once I became an employee of Saint Francis, the great experience continued. My co-workers and supervisors are wonderful; I truly feel that we are all a family. Saint Francis brought out the best in me, both as a person and a professional.”
— Missy, MPT

“I enjoy working at Saint Francis because of the caring atmosphere. The team in therapy works well together, and that helps provide great patient care and quality outcomes. Saint Francis is a progressive organization that provides all departments with the latest technology and continuing education opportunities.”
— Carol, COTA

“Saint Francis is truly a family. My aunt has worked here for years and was instrumental in bringing me on board. She raved about her colleagues and bragged about all the cool things Saint Francis was doing as an organization. I gladly accepted the job at Saint Francis, and it was, and continues to be, a great decision. I feel lucky and proud to be a part of the Saint Francis Family.”
— Kelsey, OT

Career Development Ladder

The career development program is designed to recognize competency and commitment among licensed professionals and paraprofessionals who deliver direct patient care. Advancement in the program requires that the individual take initiative by being self directed and accountable for the development of clinical expertise, leadership and professionalism.

The career development ladder allows therapists and assistants to develop career paths which have professional and financial rewards, while allowing them to remain in clinical practice. The program enhances the quality of patient care by requiring continued professional development and promotion of mentorship among experienced staff to new therapists and assistants. This unique benefit allows Saint Francis Healthcare System to attract and retain quality experienced therapists and assistants who have the ability to deliver the level of patient care expected.

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