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Employment Process

Employment Process Explanation

  • Applications are accepted for open positions until (1) enough applications are received to adequately interview and fill the position or (2) a candidate is offered and accepts the position. At that time, the position will be removed from the website.
  • You will receive notification that your application was received and if your qualifications and work experience meet the requirements of the position for which you applied. Individuals involved in the decision-making process review all applications and rank candidates by qualifications and work experience.
  • If an interview is to be scheduled, Saint Francis will contact you by telephone, letter or e-mail. During the interview, you will be given information on job duties, salary, benefits and pertinent information about the position. After the interview, a healthcare criminal background check and references will be completed. Both must be satisfactory to proceed to the next step.
  • A decision will then be made on the candidate for the position. If chosen, you will be contacted at that time and offered the position, contingent on the results from a Pre-Employment Health Screen and a Drug Screen.
  • You must pass all testing to be employed at Saint Francis. Once the testing is successfully completed, your start date will be determined.
  • All new employees are required to attend Organizational Orientation, which is your first and second day of employment. This day is filled with vital information necessary to begin your employment. Organizational Orientation is scheduled every two weeks and is usually held on a Monday and Tuesday 7:45 am-4:30 pm. You will then begin your orientation specific to your position.

Pre-Employment Health Screen

This is required to determine your ability to perform essential job functions safely. This may include a physical capability test designed to determine if you possess the physical requirements necessary to perform essential job duties.

Drug Screen

Every applicant offered a position must complete a urine drug screen in our laboratory. Any individual who has a positive result from a drug test for illegal drug use will no longer be considered and will not be reconsidered for employment for one year.